• http://righteousmarketing.com robertbrady

    Typical government action. Short sighted and full of “unintended” negative consequences.

  • Sarah Konger

    Actually, I make 7.5% commission and $2,000 a month promoting Amazon products on my blog. I quit my job last year to do affiliate marketing full time. Now my income is gone. I don’t know what to do. I may have to leave the state. :(

  • Hostels

    People should blame Amazon, not the government:
    “According to a study commissioned by the National Conference of State
    Legislatures (which supports the bill), states lost out on roughly $11
    billion last year from out-of-state sales tax on online purchases.”


  • Wendy Piersall

    Had they done the absolute basic level of homework, they would have known this was a BAD IDEA.

    Chicago Tribune: Amazon tax an Illinois disaster:

  • Hostels

    It would be better if all the states did it at once and forced Amazon to play by the same rules as local businesses. Amazon sucks money out of local economies and gives nothing back in local taxes. This probably has a significant negative effect on local
    economies, not just in the lost sales from small business owners, but
    from the lost taxes.

  • Wendy Piersall

    Amazon is lobbying for a national sales tax bill. It’s not that they don’t want to collect, they just want a way to do it on an even playing field.

  • NateOrshan

    Nice sound bite, but did you catch that Amazon is actually *backing* a Federal bill, the Marketplace Fairness Act, that would enable this kind of state-level tax collection (albeit only once a state has jumped through a few hoops; see http://marketingland.com/online-sales-tax-whyecommerce-companies-are-on-both-sides-of-the-debate-43395 )?

    What does Amazon know about government action that you don’t?

  • Hostels

    They surely don’t *want* to collect tax. I was under the impression that they want to build local distribution
    centers which means they have to pay local tax everywhere anyway. Ebay opposes the law, so one thing to look at is whether paying local taxes affects companies like Ebay. If there are 30 or 40 states where Ebay still doesn’t have to collect sales tax due to no physical presence, but Amazon does due to new distribution centers, then Amazon might want the law in order to make sure that Ebay isn’t cheaper in those other states. I’m just speculating on the reasons, but Amazon is not lobbying for a federal tax law out of concern for local economies.

  • Yonassan Gershom

    Yep, they closed my account — which I had had since the 1990s, and which was an important part of my income as a low-income senior,. So I’m taking down my “bookstore” website pages and removing all Amazon links on my blog — no point in sending them business for which I now receive nothing. So the endresult is, money that i was bringing into Minnesota (and would spend locally) has dried up. how doers that help our economy?

  • Man from Modesto

    Corporations are attempting to control our government every day- mostly with great and easy success. This particular strong arming is well known because so many of us received these emails. (btw, California caved and did not pass the law.)
    All the control over health care… it is about profits for BigPharm. There are now cures for more than half of all kinds of cancer. But, the FDA blacklists them because “they are not tested.” The FDA controls the testing, and they refuse to allow any testing for those cures.
    A cure would hurt profits of BigPharm.

    Look up Ted Burzynski and Tulio Simoncini.