• http://twitter.com/HenleyWing Henley Wing

    It seems there’s so many networks for brands to keep up with: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and now Amazon. Do you suggest brands have a presence in all of them, or focus on just the 1 or 2 that are relevant to what they’re promoting?

  • Teresha Aird

    Very interesting news and it fits perfectly with Amazon’s (assumed) goal of being THE online marketplace/store. If I were a brand that sold on Amazon I would find this very welcome. @twitter-22381198:disqus I know what you mean and that was also my first thought on seeing the headline for this post yesterday. However, on further reflection it is mainly the set up of the social network accounts and acquisition of the inital followers that is the most time consuming. After that it isn’t so bad if you schedule, have a plan and remain organized, especially if you set them up to post to each other. That isn’t always the best practice to follow but, if you’re short on time, or if one of the networks isn’t that important to you, then you don’t have to have individual marketing strategies for each.