• karanvyas

    I really think that responsive design is necessary for each site , and for reducing loading time , using cloudfare can do it… anyway thanks for article .


  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    Responsive design is fine for blogs, but when you start getting to more complex sites such as ecommerce platforms, having a dedicated mobile is often the better approach.

  • Sue Brady

    I agree withTakeshi. Dedicated mobile sites continue to load faster and they seem to display more relevant content. It would be interesting (but way too expensive) to see a side by side test of a responsive website vs a dedicated mobile site.

  • cboulanger

    Takeshi, you are spot on. Responsive quickly gets complicated (and expensive) when you are dealing with anything other than moving around texts and images. Ecommerce sites are typically a collection of multiple applications and technologies. You can’t just apply media queries and assume shoppers will get a good experience.