• http://twitter.com/mak89k Anil Kumar Muppalla

    Wow, this is very very interesting, I wanted to create similar to this. How is it that Topsy can mine through such a huge twitter data set?

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  • yourcommentsarebroken

    It’s unfortunate that the industry is so full of.. well.. simply put, adequate products. Topsy analytics has always been under the radar, but it’s one of the best ways to identify what’s going on on Twitter. Hand’s down. No question. Now, after signing up for the 30-day trial, I have already identified new-popular #keywords in my niche. This will really help the quality of my ads. Paying attention to specific product keywords and product categories is easier than any social tracking platform I have used.. and I have used a lot.

  • http://twitter.com/ROIFactory ROI Factory

    i think it’s the fact that they have one of the Twitter “firehose” licenses; I take it that means access to historical as well as real-time data because this article suggests you can pull historical data. The challenge most of us face in trying to setup twitter tracking is that you can’t get historical data “off-the-shelf”, you can only start collecting from that moment forward. If you look around, you may be able to find 30-90 days of history, but I haven’t found a resource that houses all tweets from all time. For bigger brands it is possible to find the data for free because someone has already flagged that Twitter handle for data collection before you needed it, but for smaller businesses and obscure topics, historical is hard.

    BTW, very thorough and useful article Greg, thank you!