• Pat Grady

    Anyone else think it’s weird to have just two battling for the top? Huge global market, a two horse race? Someone’s coming in from left field, it’s way too early to be winnowed down to two.

  • Paul Ryan

    Not really. HTC has been on a slide for a while (since HTC Desire, their last desirable phone – no pun intended). It’s home turf for Motorola, but they don’t seem to have been the same since earlier days (Razr success). Hopefully Google can turn them around and make it a three horse race. LG don’t have the same screen quality or brand recognition as Samsung. Nokia has just been on a downward spiral for a while and they chose to join up with MS, whose “marketing” of late “against” Google hasn’t really helped them at all (only Google/Android). MS came along too late with Windows Phone, so it’s going to be a hard battle to get a big share of the market. It’s more of “not a surprise” than weird. It’s a bit unfortunate though as competition breeds… wait, not innovation: court cases. Sadly.