• http://scottymeuk.co.uk/ Scott Robertson

    I am confused as to why the Samsung is cheaper in the US than the LG. It’s the other way around in the UK. Could the LG be made in Europe, so it’s cheaper to ship here?

  • http://www.powrsurg.com/ POWRSURG

    Has Samsung said anything about how it will work with some of their efforts for smartwatches? I go on multi-hour runs and was strongly considering the Gear Fit and then decided I’d rather go with something that stuck with Android once the Android Wear program started. Will this give me all the stats that I was looking for?

  • stevedowe

    Nice general intro to Android Wear smartwatches, thanks. The only thing that bugs me about the whole concept is battery life. I think the manufacturers really should focus on getting this to be 7 days between charges.

  • Ajc1973

    the samsung also has a changeable 22 mm band