• http://www.yourmaclifeshow.com/ Shawn King

    “it’s very hard to explain why Apple is so dominant.”

    No, it’s really not. iOS device users are simply more engaged more often with their devices.

  • chrishawn

    Easy.. most people with Android phones went to the phone company got the new cheap phone.. It happened to be Android, they don’t know or care, they want it to SMS and Call people, they didn’t use the calendar on their old Nokia and probably will never install an app on this one either.

  • http://www.jphotog.com Hrunga Zmuda

    Shawn and Crishawn are right. (Call me eShawn?)

    It’s very easy to understand. They distort Android numbers with Kindles and all sorts of devices that aren’t even tablets or phones but run the Android OS. Most of which are not updated to the latest versions of the OS. Users have moved on to other devices, devices are given away buy-one-get-one-free. When you don’t value it much, you can go through a lot of devices. Making the numbers look much different than the reality.

    iOS device users are simply more into actually using them for their day-to-day lives in all sorts of ways that doesn’t happen with other devices.

    The numbers show that’s the case. Why do people resist such obvious evidence?

  • fustian24

    Android is cheaper (at least up front) and so it owns the part of the market that can’t afford to buy as much.

    If you’re working on a factory line, for example, you don’t get the chance to check your Facebook page much.

    It’s why Apple has no real interest in creating a really cheap iPhone. There just isn’t that much money in that part of the market.

  • keaner

    “No, it’s really not. iOS device users are simply more engaged more often with their devices.”

    ha, give me a break. the client base of each OS tells the story.

    Hrunga: things android users do in a day. Connect to vpn, teamviewer, xbmc remote, network scanner, wifi analyzer, skype, google +, google maps, google now.

    To say that apple users are more engaged in their devices is absurd unless by engaged you mean “checking facebook”.


  • http://www.yourmaclifeshow.com/ Shawn King

    Good point. iOS device users *never* do any of those things.