• http://www.yamanoor.com/ Yamanoor Srihari

    Google plus is a bridge to nowhere…

  • daveintheuk

    Perhaps this will be a valuable learning experience for Google. It is about time they felt how it is to a successful product that people love and use daily, that has been built with care and love dumped on from a great height by somebody who controls the audience and has decided to launch their own inferior product.

    I for one hope this is the begging of many more people pushing Google out from their platforms as Google has pushed ‘the rest of the internet’ off theirs.

  • http://carlospache.co/ Carlos Pacheco

    I love my Apple products but Is it just me or is Apple on a roll with launching subpar apps? The podcast app was junk and hardly worked up until a few weeks ago and now this?

    Building a bran new mapping system has got to be a monumental job. Google didn’t do a perfect job at the beginning, it got better with time and they kept updating it throughout the years and Google Map users have become accustomed to the reliability and detail of the service.

    The fact that Apple thought that they’d be able to do (with help!) something better within 2 years is typical distortion field crap. Obviously Apple’s maps will get better with updates and we’ll forget about this and fanboys will keep loving Apple.
    For me it just comes off as arrogant to release a shoddy product and expect people to just take it. A lot will but if they keep doing it over and over I fear less people will be willing to forgive and forget.

  • http://keithbloemendaal.me/ Keith Bloemendaal

    Ironically Marketing Land has more fans/followers on Google Plus than on FB…

    I use apple products (iPhone and MBP) and love them, I also love Google products, and hope they can learn to get along better. The maps app will take some time, people have become so critical of everything and this need for perfection NOW is really childish. Let things evolve, get off your phone/computer, go for a walk or something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004351989895 John Johnson

    In other non-biased news, Facebook stock is slated to fall to $15 per share, and Facebook users are leaving in droves to discover how much better Google + is.