• Joe Meier

    It seems like they probably wouldn’t have missed this, but could the difference be explained by iPads? The Business Insider article cites revenue data by OS but the market share data they are trying to reconcile with refers specifically to smartphones. Including iPads, iOS may very well dominate sales even with a smaller market share because of the typically much higher conversion rate on tablets vs. phones and the dominance of iPads in the tablet market.

  • Logan

    I don’t know why, but this just doesn’t seem significant to me. Where mobile users prefer to do their shopping doesn’t seem too important of a loss for Android tablets/smartphones because the platform’s growth is still outpacing that of iOS. Android apps are being downloaded in greater numbers than iOS apps. Talk to any developer monitizing their Android apps with Airpush or Tapjoy. They’ll tell you they made their best money this year as mobile advertising on Android matured drastically, It just seems to me that Android has found the X factor in a lot of important ways in 2013 and so the stuff mentioned above isn’t really that big of a setback.

  • http://poshhub.com/ Phone Source

    Buyers must have win the lottery because Android devices are much cheaper than iOS devices.