• Dino Maiolo

    Interesting perspective and it really got me thinking about the future of my agency; however, ML really needs to edit these posts. The typos and usage errors were distracting. It makes your comparisons more interesting – digital vs. search, traditional agencies vs search agencies. Traditional marketing was forced to be so much better at printing error free type than today’s digital content. It has become so easy to post digitally that perhaps we rush through our articles without properly editing them.

    Other than that, the shift you suggest we make is right on the money. I think it helps that we view our clients in terms of how we can help their business, not just their website.

  • http://twitter.com/mikesmithweb Michael S.

    Yes very timely with how there are so many different channels that companies and agencies can work on. Bucking the trend my company is specializing at least for now on Paid advertising and mostly Google. There are many things with difficult to prove ROI or small improvements to topline revenue but we really like to aim all our attention at huge things and tweak them to a little bit compulsive levels.

    Great idea on judging agencies and asking for the support staff to give the presentation. Once I was in a presentation with the sales person, his manager, and the Vice President of BDM. Needless to say the meeting went a little long and really did not add anything.

  • http://twitter.com/vicdrabicky Vic Drabicky

    Glad you liked the article and my apologies for the editing. I will work with the ML editors (and double check myself more thoroughly) to make sure this is improved.


  • http://twitter.com/vicdrabicky Vic Drabicky

    Glad you liked it – thanks for reading. Agree on having VPs in the room. They can talk a big game, but aren’t responsible for the account, so they rarely add value.

  • 4u2discuss

    Great article on marketing and search…problem is how ever that the end users (us idiots who buy the products) have changed our thinking patterns too, and not for the better mind you. We are bombarded with so much information and there are so many choices, so the eyes become more important and eye candy is what sell things these days. This is why branding is so much more important today than it ever was. Brand loyalty is a very elusive element and once this is placed in the picture what you have to say in your article is so much more important.

  • http://twitter.com/pamelaparker Pamela Parker Caird

    Yes, Dino, we do edit each piece, but occasionally things slip through. Apologies for any distractions.

  • Erica Forrette

    Right in line with this: the top challenge noted in a survey featured in the recent Forrester Wave report on the top large search agencies, is “integrating search with other media.” (SEL article here: http://searchengineland.com/forrester-report-rates-the-top-large-search-marketing-agencies-138528) Search agencies have to get up to speed on branding tactics, especially as larger companies accustomed to brand marketing pour more money into digital as a whole. IMO, silo’ed “search only” practitioners will likely be unable to service these larger advertisers who want a large scale buy integrated across many digital channels and addressing customers at all buying funnel stages.

  • http://twitter.com/nathanlevi33 Nathan Levi

    I completely agree that search agencies need to become digital agencies. I’m not sure there is a place for pure play search specialists except for only a select group of clients. I do want to add that the future of the ‘search agency’ and agencies in general is largely dependent on how businesses adapt to the digital ecosystem. I’m starting to see more and more businesses prioritize digital from within, therefore requiring the services of more specialist agencies. In the future there will be businesses with a marketing arm where digital is ‘lumped’ and there will be businesses where digital sits across everything they do (marketing, PR, media etc.) There will also be businesses where digital is its own entity. for the first type of business, the traditional media agency is perfect. For the latter two, a digital specialist might be better.