• justinfoster

    Great article, Lynn. I would clarify that, at least for us, auto-play is an option. This is because it’s possible to auto-play with the video muted. This negates the jarring impact of auto-play with audio on.

  • http://emailblog.eu Remy Bergsma

    What’s missing in this post (which is very good on best practices btw) is common sense. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Video in email should not be a gimmick or a fashion item, like stuffing emails with social sharing buttons.

    The video should really add something to the email, really be of value to the receiver. If not, then leave it out and make a screenshot with link to the video in case people -do- want to view it. It makes it less pushy.

  • steve

    In the past we’ve always embedded a thumbnail image that links to a youtube video. The ability to stream direct from the email client will be nice!

  • Kaushiki Chatterjee

    Quite a constructive and helpful suggestions to follow.What type of professional as well as attractive look can be given to the landing page of the video in an email?Such that it does not creates a funny appearance yet attracts the viewer to open.

  • Jon @ Vidyard

    Hey Lynn,

    Jon from Vidyard here – great post! Apologies for coming to this discussion late in the game.

    We’ve been experimenting with video in our emails as well – I’ve used a splash screen linking to a static landing page with quite a bit of success, but Vidyard has an HTML5 embed code that should work in most clients that allow HTML5.

    Would love to chat more on this if you have experimented further with video in your email!

    – Jon