• http://www.workinghomeguide.com/ Omri Shabat

    First of all, great comprehensive post. You probably covered all main angles about the deal and its possible outcomes. That said, I have to admit that I can’t agree with your premise that “it was also known for producing world-class content that lived up to
    similar standards of one of the most recognized sources of authoratative
    news in the world.”

    The New York Times, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, TechCrunch and The Verge are examples of publications who producing really high-quality and engaging contents. About.com definitely doesn’t fall into this same category alongside them.

    It’s not that About.com contents are poor, but they aren’t really as good as others. And the fact that 80% of the site’s traffic (as they states) comes from search engines (mostly Google), only makes its state much more erratic.

    This is why I’m very skeptical about the deal and if it will still worth $300 million in a few years.