• Glama

    “why not just disable/ignore your phone while driving?”

    Because then the person texting you may think you are choosing to ignore them for some other reason, that your phone may be off, you left it at home, that you have text notifications silenced, etc. etc. I appreciate your effort to be negative but you really came up empty on this one.

  • clarklab

    Not empty.

    This is a stupid campaign. Lots of people drive 3 or 4 times in a day. They’re supposed to post every single time? That more often than most people update Twitter. So other random people can check (in a timeline view) if the person is driving? They’d never see it! And is there a “done driving” tweet?

    And adding a hashtag is pure marketing fluff. Adding a hashtag is normally to group your tweet with a bunch of other similar tweets. Is someone browsing this group of #X tweets just to see who else isn’t driving? It makes no sense.

    If a year from now, people are legit posting #X before they drive, I’ll apologize. But you know it’ll be gone by then, because this is pure marketing fluff.

  • MrMeowgi

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You expect the entire digital world to stop turning because you can’t handle being in a car with a phone? Don’t spam your friends with dumb hashtags every time you get into a car. Have a little self control instead.