Joanna Lord

Joanna Lord is the VP of Consumer Marketing at Porch, the leading home improvement network located in beautiful Seattle, WA. She is in charge of building and sharing the global brand, as well as acquisition, engagement and retention channels. Prior to that, she was the CMO of BigDoor, a technology company that builds engagement and loyalty software. There, she helped drive engagement and retention for some of the biggest brands in the world like Starbucks, CBS, and Pepsi as well as lead all growth and brand for BigDoor itself. Before that she was VP of Growth Marketing at Moz (previously SEOmoz), where she led acquisition, retention and brand marketing. For the past eleven years Joanna has been building beautiful brands, growing companies, and scaling startups. When she isn't talking startups, marketing, or tech, Joanna is likely sitting on a porch flipping through fashion magazines and sipping an iced americano.

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