• http://www.mayura4ever.com/ Mayura De Silva

    Well, the reason could be – More US population on FB and Twitter? Or jus’ ignoring?

  • keaner

    a sad, sad day for America, once again

  • http://www.ristudio.com/ Roman Iakoubtchik

    Interesting article… with that many followers on G+, you’d think someone on his social media team would care to post an update.

  • http://www.googma.blogspot.com/ Googma Sansar

    There is no doubt that Barak Obama got victory due to social networking sites. i’m also facebook as well as twitter fan. facebook and twitter really help to him to win his second presidential election. Google Plus in not popular and i think facebook and twitter palyed the major roles.

  • daveintheuk

    A good example of where Google+ sits in the social network food chain. Even a social media team as high profile and (presumably) well funded as Obama’s are only clearly going through the motions with Google+ and it gets forgotten as soon as they get busy… it isn’t like they won’t reach people is it – I bet anyone who actively uses Google+ is far more active on Facebook and Twitter.

    Maybe we’ll see lots of high profile accounts abandon it as they realise how pointless it is.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Peter Kelly

    This may be a stab to the back of Google+. With Barrack Obama being such an influencer on social media, this will send a message to the whole internet that G+ is not that much worth it. Quite an interesting move to make.

  • Alan

    G+ is pointless,sterile and souless. Unless you are an SEO or work for Google you will try it once and never look at it again.

  • Alan

    By the way you forgot instagram http://instagram.com/p/RvkYbfmueB/ Even Facebooks second social network outdoes G+

  • http://www.rosssimmonds.com/ Ross Simmonds

    Team Obama understood where their audience was. They recognized the power of Facebook back in 2008 and rode that success into this campaign. Understanding this they ensure that all of the messages they needed to be in front of their audience would be distributed through this channel. From there, they knew the network effect would take place and supporters would put their story in front of the eyes of their friends.

    Furthermore, they saw the opportunity with Reddit. A channel that is “less mainstream” but considered by many to be the homepage of the internet.

    The content approach for this campaign was brilliant. If I cold sum it up in two words I would simply say: Not Bad.