• http://twitter.com/SharonHorswill Sharon Horswill

    Well said, Matt. They seem very keen on existing Pro users switching to a free account instead of sensibly allowing their Pro account to expire. We want to show you the ads now! It might store 1TB but Flickr has always been hopeless for retrieval. Who wants to download their images one at a time? I can see the likes of Smugmug making a killing as serious photographers give up and leave Flickr to the kiddies sharing photos on their IdiotPhones.

  • http://rick.cogley.info RickCogley

    Yeah, I totally agree about the marketing angle. Small customers paying 25 a year that (perhaps) does not cover their own costs, are not the target for sure. I wrote a little about it yesterday: http://rick.cogley.info/articles/2013/05/21/flickring-out/

  • Greased Babes

    So let me get this straight. Since Yahoo couldn’t monetize Flickr in any successful way, they are asking the Flickr community to pick up the tab? Now Yahoo has invaded the realm of Tumblr. Suits always ruin a good thing.