• jnffarrell1

    Desktops and Monitors hard fibered to the home-office or enterprise will never die ….but: OEMs must learn that a self organizing gaggle of smart monitors is more powerful when: 1) Each monitor has mics and cams that focus on and respond to the user’s voice commands and gestures without GUIs, Keyboards, or Touch Screens, 2) get their voice recognition, gesture recognition personalization from AI software and personal info on giant server farms, 3) accept that browsers and thin clients have won.

    Power Users, e.g. Stock Traders will have Desktop Computers that drive three 4xHDTV (magazine quality screens) monitors. Video editors will also want a powerful Desktop Computer with three 4xHDTV monitors. Otherwise, the future belongs to monitors with just enough smarts (ala iPhone) to get things done on the web.

    Some people see the past 50 years as a progression of computer devices. I see the progress as the step by step removal of the insult that computers (programmers) have inflicted on humans by not talking our language (including sign language).

    Read my lips “Were Mad as Hell” and we are not going to take much more from the “Let them eat punched card chads” from the incumbent OSs.

  • Durant Imboden

    Discussions of “mobile” will yield more smoke than light until people differentiate between tablets and phones.

    Somebody who’s researching a trip to Paris with an iPad on his living-room couch in Chicago is not a “mobile” user. He’s a laptop user without a keyboard.

  • Matt McGee

    Couldn’t agree more, Durant. Been banging this drum for some time. I’m not “mobile” when playing on my iPad while watching TV.