• Mark Schwartz

    Ratko – well done. One of the better primers I’ve seen. Thanks for the post.

  • Ratko Vidakovic

    Thank you Mark.

  • http://www.collectiveroll.com/ Ildar Shar

    Great article Ratko. Do you think that in the effort to centralize their offerings to advertisers, Google will merge AdWords and DBM (Double Click Bid Manager, formerly known as Invite Media) giving marketers the access to all the exchanges and data providers. I think we are seeing some of it happening right now, and it just seems like the logic outcome.

  • Ratko Vidakovic

    Thank you Ildar. Great point. Yes, I think it’s a logical step to centralize those services, which I think they’re already doing with the whole DoubleClick Digital Marketing Manager platform, which includes access to AdWords functionality, among other things. But, it doesn’t appear to have the same self-serve accessibility as AdWords. From what I’ve gathered, it’s geared more towards agencies and big brands, as opposed to the majority of advertisers. It remains to be seen how they plan to move forward with integration and availability. I think it makes sense to centralize all their offerings into one product, make it self-serve (like AdWords), and make it easy to use (on top of everything else), but that would be quite the challenge.

  • http://www.collectiveroll.com/ Ildar Shar

    I agree Ratko – it’s quite a challenge to do this (integrate both
    offerings). Besides, it seems that Google positions two products
    differently on purpose, with AdWords being primarily targeted to SMBs
    and DBM – to big brands, agencies and agency tradings desks.

  • http://www.MightyHive.com/ Lanny O’Connell

    Ratko, enjoyed your article. Well done. To follow up on the comments and clear the air; Google is not putting forth the resources internally for the challenge of releasing DoubleClick Bid Manager to organizations unable to commit to $100k + monthly media spend. But, Google has recently entered a strategic partnership with MightyHive to service SMB’s unable to meet the minimum. MightyHive offers a fully managed tier, trains organizations on the support tier, and offers a self-serve tier for DSP experts to have full access. MightyHive is comprised of campaign optimizers previously with Google and Yahoo! who have been using DoubleClick Bid Manager for years.

  • Andrew

    Ratko, interesting article. I wondered if anyone had an opinion on this and could provide some honest commentary. We have a piece of technology that can look at any web page and understand what products are within the content – right down to ‘Nivea for Men 500ml’ etc and where the products are sold. In a RTB environment, I wondered if this might be interesting additional info for a DSP to have, almost like a blackbox. I noticed there is some basic categorisation done above, industry and a keyword, but I wondered if you thought this was valuable additional info and who you think this would be of value to?