• http://www.stephaniesammons.com/ Stephanie Sammons

    Nice article Brian and I love the concept of “audience optimization”. Building the email audience is critical, but I’ve also found the social audience to be just as valuable in terms of conversion to clients. These individuals bypassed the email conversion altogether, as in, they never signed up. Perhaps that is due to a weak email call-to-action (I’ve never focused on it like I should), or maybe it’s because I’m niche focused with this particular business. However, I think the possibility also does exist that these individuals are getting enough quality information via social to jump to the next stage in the process. I would agree that the email conversion can strengthen the relationship regardless. It’s interesting though how that path hasn’t been so prominent in my business.

  • Daisy

    Hi Brian, I like how you explain the motivation behind and not just the how-to, it’s becoming more and more important to figuring out how I can do my best job as a content marketer in learning why you need to optimize for the audience. It’s useful to understand what role it plays in the conversion process to use the right channels, since not all channels are created equal. Thanks for the post!

  • Brian Clark

    I think for service businesses the conversion is better on social than for products — you can afford to have a conversation that leads to a sale. Not so much with software. ;-)

  • http://www.stephaniesammons.com/ Stephanie Sammons

    Good point…the fact that it’s not a final “purchase” probably does help! I’m curious to see if the service is more productized how that would make a difference. Assuming then the email conversion would be more valuable.

  • Chelsea Adams

    Wow, Brian. Really great article. As a writer I love, love, love the Eugene Schwartz quote you shared and I couldn’t agree more; reading is a critical part of writing.

    I also love this: “The job of any smart marketer is to enter a conversation that’s already taking place in the mind of the prospect and channel the existing desire for solutions and benefits to a specific product or service.”

    So spot on!