• joeyoungblood

    Seems Mike’s keyword list of Local Carousel Queries needs to be updated. At least from Dallas / Arlington queries like; soup, hotel, hotels, movie, russian, courses, nature, fair, and overnight fishing charter (this did appear for Corpus Christi TX) are not showing the local carousel. It seems G might be using an internal algo to determine if they have that type of business in the ‘nearby’ area (not sure how far out that radius is) and if so probably a secondary algo to decide where to show it.

  • http://oirms.com OIRMS

    Very informative article Alison, thanks. Getting started on G+ is so simple yet so many local business owners still fail to see the benefit! Shame for them, great for their comp.

  • I_warned_ya

    Shame on Google for pushing their shills to market Google Plus as a success when the recent increase in user numbers can be solely attributed to a deceptive campaign by Google to co-opt the YouTube user base into g+ by requiring g+ in order to function on YouTube.
    As the result, a bunch of very annoyed creators and viewers on YouTube are utilizing g+ a fraction of amount of time the average Facebook viewer uses their service.
    Any business considering using g+ had better consider doing a bit of homework to avoid buying into a minefield of angry or indifferent users.

  • chartist

    I would also suggest to study FB userbase to get a real picture


  • Suzanne

    Thanks for the article, Alison! While we’re well-aware of the benefits of Google+, how can I create a company page WITHOUT creating a personal page first? I personally don’t want Google+ (I’m very selective about what I do on social media), yet as the ‘admin’ person for our social sites at work, I need to set up a Google+ company account. The Google software won’t allow me to do so without first creating my own page. Ugh. Any advice or insight? Thanks!

  • http://plus.google.com/+AlisonZeringue Alison Zeringue

    Hi Suzanne! Thanks for reading!

    Unfortunately, right now there is no way to create a Google+ Page without having a personal profile connected to it. Here’s what I would recommend:
    1) Create a generic Google / Gmail Account that you can use as your admin login to Google+
    2) When creating the account, use a generic name in the first and last name fields on the account (it doesn’t have to be your own but it does need to be a person’s name rather than the Business Name). This will be the name that also shows on the Google+ Profile.
    3) Once created, you can create your Google+ Business Page and add any other Google+ users as admins on the page.

    Hope this helps! Best of luck to you in getting your biz on G+!

  • http://plus.google.com/+AlisonZeringue Alison Zeringue

    I’m sure the list will be constantly evolving! Definitely agree that there are some additional algos happening to determine when and where to show the carousel. I’ve seen some inconsistencies here in NOLA as well!

  • http://www.suncode.pl/ verpentor

    Of course FB has millions of fake users but it also has about billion of real users who spend on average 6 or more hours monthly while G+ spend about 6 minutes monthly (data is from May 2013 but pattern probably hasn’t changed much) http://mashable.com/2013/05/10/google-has-20-million-u-s-monthly-mobile-users-report-says/

  • http://www.fusioninformatics.com/ Jill

    Hi Alison, such a nice article, i’m totally agree with you, Now, google+ is one of the important factor in visibility in google

  • vp

    Sorry, but I still have Google plus with a passion. Ever since google took over youtube it’s been disastrous.