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    Great list! Thanks so much for curating it and for including me! Definately be bookmarking this for future and return to it late next year! 

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    Great list! Thanks so much for adding Vertical Measures post. 

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    You missed my 13 SEO Predictions for 2012 off the list :-) 

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    Matt — What an amazing round up and thank you for including us in your list. As an FYI, we also had 7 Social Media Forecasts for 2012 http://heidicohen.com/2012-social-media-marketing-predictions/  and  24 Extreme Marketing Predictions http://heidicohen.com/2012-extreme-marketing-predictions/  Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

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    Great list, thanks for including Fourth Source on there!


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    What a great list! Thank you so much for including the Freelance Writing Dreams SEO predictions. XO

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    You’re welcome, gang – and thanks for adding some articles I missed. Much appreciated!

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    Well there’s always my own 2012 Internet, SEO and Technology Predictions


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    I’d like to humbly submit my own PPC predictions for 2012 to the list: http://ppcwithoutpity.com/three-ppc-predictions-for-2012/

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    Thanks Matt, we in South Africa are pumped and ready for action and you just made it better for us at Trafficfundi

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    It’s an awesome list of predictions. Thank you very much!!! :)
    Do not forget the gamification. It is going to be a new era of marketing, and starts this year.

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    What a great round-up. I have been trying to give my clients a “Starting point” for internet marketing, and this will do wonders. Thank you!

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