• http://www.autopten.com/ John McCheap

    Super big (fail?), I think FB has the right size.

  • Anthony Welsch

    Any idea how we can revert back too the old style? I can’t find the option anywhere! (I hate that my content is hidden!)

  • gmart

    Less is more.

  • http://princeofperception.blogspot.com Lone Voyager

    There is no way and that is really sad :( It was a one way ticket.

  • http://mohamedmansour.com/ Mohamed Mansour

    It is interesting Google+ doesn’t follow http://browsersize.googlelabs.com/ (From Google Labs), I guess this makes user exploration longer now.

  • http://twitter.com/Andrew_Social Andrew

    So i guess LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are just vying for this week’s ‘my profile header image is bigger than your profile header image’ title. I guess next week might be Twitter vs RenRen vs Pinterest.

  • Hridaysikder

    YA today I first see this on Google+ it’s awesome.I like it just going to post for http://megabloggers.com

  • http://www.tromposaund.de/ Tromposaund

    Thats a really big influence! I hope to costumize our marketing action an soon als possible. http://www.tromposaund.de

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Seeing them side by side like that really makes the differences stand out. I never realized how little real estate Facebook gives your actual activity. Think how many distractions are in the black space for a user!

  • Rob Calhoun

    I looked at my G+ account seeing the new picture size as just another thing I have to change. That’s not good for a social network I still haven’t determined whether or not there’s value there.

  • http://www.417marketing.com/ 417 Marketing

    I’m not sure why Google made the 2120×1192 requirement on cover photo. Yes, my personal top one is Twitter too. For me, it’s simple and compact. And besides, Twitter helps a lot with my business (http://www.417marketing.com).

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    This is a terrible change.
    1. It was not needed – There is no additional value
    2. Why do they have a black gradient overlay to make everything look dirty?
    3. Circle for the logo area – rarely a clean fit
    4. Responsive design makes it impossible for most businesses to get it right.
    5. Title, Tag line and link over the banner cluttering up the design.

    The few businesses who had taken the time to create a G+ page are now rewarded with their entire design getting blown away with no apparent added value.

    Our clients have been getting a lot of news about Google changes including:
    From SEO’s that Penguin tanked their rankings a few months back
    From PPC managers that enhanced campaigns just made everything mobile
    From Social managers that Google places, local and G+ is really all one thing.. I think?
    To their spouses telling them some strange van drove by and person walked around the house to video every square inch of their front yard and home.

  • http://www.facebook.com/azgraphix Arizona HouseofGraphix

    I want to adjust the size of my header. Google’s new size is obnoxious and a waste of space. I’m trying to work on marketing my business, and I get hung up on stupid obstacles like this. It’s a total time suck. I’m very frustrated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/azgraphix Arizona HouseofGraphix

    THAT IS SAD!! How annoying we have no control over our pages. And it’s very easy html coding to allow the user control over such simple options. URRRG!!

  • http://princeofperception.blogspot.com Lone Voyager

    Agreed! Customisation is needed at least up to some level