• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=692546470 Garry Egan

    Say goodbye to DUI’s, traffic jams.   Can’t wait until this becomes commonplace and part of all stock vehicles.  What do you all think for timeline?  20 years?    Can’t wait to “summons” my car out of the parking lot and have it come pick me up at the front entrance.

  • Chuck Register

    I’d have to experience this for myself. It seems too much like it’s being ‘remote controlled’ rather than driving itself. Personally, I hope these don’t become common place. Our society is fat, lazy and entitled enough as it is.

  • Saitdark Asexual

    @Chuck Register Truthly too tell, our body is remote control but we sure are didn’t realize it do we?

  • Anonymous

    10 years from now we’ll start seeing today and our awe at this as almost funny.
    Can’t wait for ubiquitous autonomous transportation.

    Sorry cabbies.

  • Anonymous

    That thing spinning on the top looks like thing from the original Tron

  • Pat Grady

    prediction: later, we’ll have fun places where you go manually drive, like the old days.  they will call them… freeways.

  • http://winterpatriot.com NJT

    these will save a lot of lives.  the 17 year old who crashed and killed 5 family members?  the 76 year old who couldn’t tell reverse from drive?  Amare Stoudamire’s brother?  All unhappy memories of a time when people thought they were better at doing things than they really are.

  • Kathy Arya

    I have only one question that comes to mind as I am certain Google’s engeneers did not overlook this complication…what does the car do if something, or someone crosses its designated path? Does the car “sense” something is there and stop, curb around, or nothing at all. I would back it 100% for disabled people. The number one complaint is trying to get places they need to get to. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/shanebelceto Shane Belceto

    As a parent yes would love to know how accurate the sencers are when a ball or kid are int he way for example.   This would so  make things easier though that is for usre not having to always ask for rides or others to get me places that I can not walk to.    Can I geta truck version please? smiles =)
    ~Expect Miracles

  • http://twitter.com/AnalystDistrict Dianne Heath

    The fact that Google has a mission makes their self driving car super marketable. I think that self driving cars make me a bit uncomfortable, but perhaps instead of people drunk driving this would be a safer option. Marketing Behind Google’s Self Driving Car