• donthe

    Awesome! All those links I won’t need to ask to be removed, they’ll be removed automatically. No more Penguin slap.
    Since Google is penalizing sitewide links and automatically assuming they are paid links, this is great news.

  • Agata

    Pointless move to be honest. The blogrolls might disappear but placing links on the sidebars will still be possible through a text widget. The widget allows you to place a link and a piece of code that will assure the link will be displayed ONLY on the homepage. That way the link won’t be site-wide. Based on the experience, sidebar links also add value and still pass link juice.

  • http://twitter.com/wpbeginner WordPress Beginner

    I thought I did a pretty good job at writing that article about the news. It clearly says: ”
    it is only being disabled for new users by default. If you have link data in the database, then the link manager will stay as is. ”

    The code base is not being removed from the core just yet. However the plan is to slowly and smoothly transition this feature out of core and into a plugin.

    New users who install WordPress 3.5, will not see the Links menu by default. All that means is that it is disabled. User can install the plugin which will enable the core feature.

    Old users who have blogrolls in their install will NOT have to install any plugin. So the blogroll feature will work without any external plugin in WP 3.5.


  • http://twitter.com/PauldeWouters PauldeWouters

    also, you can use the custom menu widget to achieve the same thing as the blogroll