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    Thanks Shari for this great article. I truly believe if breadcrumbs servers users with better navigation and better browsing experience than really that should be it. After all we are no longer optimizing for SE’s ,we are optimizing for users / readers.readers. Thats what will eventually count, increase page views and so on

  • sharithurow

    Thank you for your kind words. I do believe that we should accommodate technology in our optimization processes, and the focus should be on the users.

    My mantra is humans first, technology second…search engine optimization is optimizing web documents for people who use search engines.

    Thanks again!

  • Ryan Sedgwick

    Agree Shari. Humans are primary and search engines are secondary. If humans have a bad UX they are less likely to engage and interact with the site if it’s difficult to navigate and follow.

  • Vishal Lokare

    Thanks Shari for the insightful article. In the Breadcrumb Do’s, you mentioned using a single or double less-than (< or < or >>) widely used? For example, Home > Computers > Peripherals

  • sharithurow

    Yes, it was an oversight and I pinged my editors awhile ago to please change it.

    Thank you!