• Jenny

    I have recommended Rising Star ads to clients, but they seem to be hesitant to use a new format until they see similar companies using them. There often seems to be a hesitation to try something new, but the early adopters are the ones that will receive the real edge and benefit from using a new format when they seem fresh to consumers.

  • someshl

    Can we really apply this in google adsense ?

  • Joe Bloggs

    Frustrating to see that the IAB are not taking into consideration the major problem publishers have with the web today when re-writing these standards/formats.

    I work for a large UK based publisher – we’re seeing most of our web traffic is now coming from non-desktop devices – i.e. mobile/tablet.

    Most rich media formats – such as filmstrips don’t work well on these types of sites/environments – due to the way the device renders these sites (especially if publishers have a non-mobile optimised site) & currently mainly because advertisers try to build rich looking ads using flash as opposed to HTML5. Even when built as HTML5 they don’t work particularly well and in a responsive web scenario these aren’t going to entice engagement from the user and are just going to result in users getting frustrated with forever scrolling ….

    What most publishers are looking at in my opinion is how to make responsive web sites and advertising work in those environment. My personal opinion is that the IAB could be doing a better job of recommending some standards here as opposed to treating mobile separate to the web and recommending mobile formats and rising star for the web.

    Most of these formats take up an entire width or height of a screen – so can be made in some shape or form to be responsive however, once you start adding ‘expanding’ functionality to it – it opens all kind of problems. In addition most of these formats are currently built in the market using flash – again won’t work for responsive web.

  • http://www.wtrase.pl/pl/18/36/katowice Maciej Staniszczak
  • http://www.digitant.co Digitant

    I think some of the ad formats are old like sliders etc. But these are going to worthy formats.
    Thanks @digitant:disqus

  • http://www.i7marketing.com Sean Gallahar

    When it comes to mobile, the slider probably works the best at least in my opinion; and at least for now. A lot can be done to further improve desktop as well as mobile ads.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in.donemitchell DonMedia

    Unless this is accompanied by better viewability metrics, we just have fancy new sized ads not being seen.

  • Eugene Du Plessis

    I did pricing models on rising stars for msn in 2012 and also presented it to some of their key client… nothing knew here except a misleading title. It is still a banner Peter…

  • http://linguistyle.co Melissa Eisenberg

    I agree that businesses are apprehensive to try new things, but it is required to stay relevant. As advertising changes, especially with the rise of native, we need to adapt. The more the ads fit with the audience demographic and feel natural, the better (whether through display, or social advertising on FB or Twitter…and now Pinterest). Social Feed advertising is another area to explore. Like what these guys are doing on both desktop and mobile: http://www.tintup.com or http://www.postano.com/

  • kudo shinichi

    The fourth driver of the display ad renaissance is digital video thời trang nam thời trang At first glance, this notion may seem strange, as digital video in a program stream

  • peterIAB

    Jenny, thanks for recommending them! it takes a village to get these moving, including pubs, marketers, and agencies. The tide is turning now–did you see that Apple used the IAB BIllboard to launch Ipad air films on line? Beautiful.

  • peterIAB

    In automation, yes, but that will take a bit of time to materialize

  • peterIAB

    Joe, great comment and, yes, responsive/html5/cross screen “standard” (if there is such a thing) is next for the IAB. In fact, “Rising Stars NEXT” is underway to solve for this very issue. Stay tuned and keep fighting the good fight.

  • peterIAB

    Dane, I do see a melding of “banners” with “native” in the future and we are working hard to get benefits of both (scale AND effectiveness)

  • peterIAB

    To some extent, we did “package” effective in-market units to try to get focus and scale.

  • peterIAB

    Sean, I think we will see the desktop “learn” a lot from the mobile environment.

  • peterIAB

    I like Viewability as it brings duration into the picture as a standard mrc accredited metric. If 1 second is a threshold for viewable, is 10 seconds premium? I think so.

  • peterIAB

    if the banner itself is not dead, Eugene, then the term “banner” has been killed by us in the industry. I do see display being a combo of banners, video, native, and rich media. But, you are right, that old term will die hard

  • peterIAB

    in-feed ads are really the biggest change we are seeing and I am happy about that. I do hope we as an industry respect the fact that in-feed requires a higher order ad product; i.e., ads need to be better if they are going to be in my feed. Social feeds are interesting and I hope we can keep them from just becoming the next place that traditional banners are placed.

  • http://www.i7marketing.com Sean Gallahar

    A true statement.