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    If you get ‘hacked’ people don’t type stuff like a bloody moron. You’d think that anyone with some semblance of understanding of even using a brute force attack would have half a quid worth of brain power to NOT use their twitter as a search engine erroneously.

    The publicity they got from this is telling the world that they think we are all ignorant morons. I am sure that the demographic in the US who think the internet is a program on their blackberry (and only one type of person still use blackberry so we all know who we’re talking about here; low tech buffoons) would have been mystified and chuckled pasting stuff around being all “HURR YALL C DAT HAX DAT CO HAZ SMH” between posting vines of them talking smack, or ‘bae cort me slippin’ instagrams and overusing SMH.

    But the rest of the people in the world who aren’t suffering some heinous kind of mental retardation were well aware this was a stupid attempt to get attention, a cry for help of an ailing corporation who ought to be in receivership was the first thing to spring to my mind! Let’s just hope their customers punish them for it with a little bit of social justice! Because we all know no one is punishing Microsoft, Apple, Sony, and all the other big corporations involved in PRISM for spying on everyone across the world unconscionably.