• http://www.projectarmy.net/ Viktor Nagornyy

    Hey, looking at the profile in Hootsuite it says their join date is: Mon Feb 24 19:08:11 +0000 2014

    So they been around spying on people for a few months now :)

  • ImtryintothinkButNothinHappens

    Ya great sense of humor. I’m sure those adults and children that were forcibly fed LSD, and had experiments of physical, sexual and psychological trauma are all laughing now.

  • http://targetpromocode10.com/ sakiwi

    hi all. have a nice day

  • kudo shinichi

    it seems likely the CIA has had the Twitter account for some time but not used it thời trang nam thời trang

  • kudo shinichi

    after a fake CIA account turned up on Twitter, the CIA told the Washington Post that for the time being thời trang nam thời trang