• http://www.ahaingroup.com/ John twohig

    I reckon that guy Eric Schmidt is looking for a new job some time around now….

  • Budd George

    It is a crime to market sugar to children. Fight Sugar Addiction.
    We need financial incentives to eat healthy. Yet corn sugar is cheaper than broccoli.

  • http://twitter.com/BSigns Sabrina Signs

    From my reading today, Coke better hire some musicians to be social for them after this!!!!!! :D

  • Andris Suri


  • George

    “How come when I ever I am thirsty, I crave diet coke?”
    – These are the words of an addict.
    “What do they put in there besides salt and fake sugar?”
    – These are the words of Budd George

  • George

    Drink Coke Everyday for Type II Diabettes

  • George

    They market sugar to children to get them hooked earily. This why we have an epidemic of Diabettes, Childhood Diabettes, Obesity Epedemic, Heart Disease. You name it. Sugar Addiction

  • Jerimiah

    We have an epidemic because we make poor decisions and make poor decisions for our children. Don’t blame Coke for making what we want.

  • http://www.ahaingroup.com/ John twohig

    The reason we have obesity, diabetes and so on….is because of the choices we make every day. We were given “free will” for a reason, don’t blame McDonalds, Coke, Taco Bell they are supplying demand. We should not blame the likes of Bud or Millar either, it is our choice to purchase their products. Look to our own behaviour and be honest with ourselves, not look to cop out and blame somebody else, it’s BS.