• Amarjeet Sharma

    Thanks John for making it easier to understand. Although I haven’t changed all my client’s properties to Universal Analytics for remarketing & GDN tracking. But it is a very helpful article for someone who’s contemplating the change

  • John E Lincoln

    Yes I think that remarketing glitch is pretty important to keep in mind… Obviously, many sites use remarketing.

  • http://www.searchdiscovery.com Lee Blankenship

    John, great post. You should also let people know that there are other options in making the migration. Airlock.js can be used to either speed the manual re-implementation process or postpone it indefinitely by allowing Airlock.js to translate the old Google analytics calls into Universal Analytics calls on the fly. It’s a free open source technology. If you want to see it in action you can upload your old ga.js code into the translator and it will translate it into the new UA syntax. http://www.searchdiscovery.com/airlock/translator/

  • James

    Really great post. I have a strange occurance happening with one of my sites. Universal tracking code only tracks organic traffic and doesn’t monitor any real time traffic – even if organic. However, the classic tracking code works 100%. Anyone else seen this? I have no funny filters or anything on either profile.