• teedubya

    This is great, Tyson… as a proponent of tag management as the foundation for an open marketing cloud, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. More marketers need to understand how impactful tag management can be for optimization of all of their marketing. And when you tie that to a data layer that you can act on, magical things can happen. :-)

  • Tyson Kirksey

    Thanks Travis!

  • http://www.ensighten.com Karen Wood

    This is a great introduction to why there is such a need for tag management, and this post perfectly articulates the pre-TMS dynamic between Marketing and IT. In full disclosure, I work for Ensighten, and we’ve found that both marketing and IT teams benefit from standardizing tagging processes within a TMS. A core value of Ensighten is to support every tag and every use case at any scale, so that all tagging can be truly standardized and the full range of benefits you bring up in your blog post can be realized. I also wanted to highlight that the website performance boost you say a TMS can bring to an organization is truly no joke. Our customers tend to see an increase in page load time between 20-40% when they move from a non-TMS environment to deploying all their tags through tag management.

    Anyway, awesome post! Looking forward to reading your deeper exploration into this issue in the coming weeks!

  • Amin Shawki

    Hi Tyson,

    Great post, definitely pointed out some of the major issues a lot of our clients face when handling a ton of different marketing systems and tools on their site. The point you made about old tags being forgotten and not removed really resonated with me, as that has caused a ton of issues on our client’s sites and they aren’t even aware of it! We help clients implement complex analytics architecture, primarily using Google Analytics, and often see really old code still floating around. We actually were so frustrated with this common issue, we built a tool to help find any/all tags on a site and we use it as an “pre-work” audit to get an inventory of tags, where they are, where they are not, and how they are loading. Have you heard of taginspector.com?

    It’s free and shows you a complete list of all tags firing on your site, so super helpful when needing to remove those old, unused and potentially harmful tags. Hope you find it useful!