• shamim ahmed

    You do what the “big boys” do; you get JV partners to help build your list while you
    focus your time and effort in the other areas of your Internet Business that we talked
    Ok, so like me you don’t have time to go and find JV partners, contact them, wait
    forever for them to reply (if they ever do) and then to finally be rejected because they
    are “too good” for you or whatever lame reason they give you.visit the site http://www.cogan.com/Products/Mezzanines/.
    You got into Internet Marketing to create a lifestyle, right? I did!
    It’s a great feeling when your friends take you seriously and stop giving you that crazy
    look when you talk about traveling, cars, and being in control of your destiny.
    It feels great when your family asks you to explain what you are doing, when they used
    to laugh at you for talking about your dreams and “what you’re gonna do.”
    That’s what happened to me, so here’s what I did:
    I created a Co-Op system where Co-Op members build their list by helping other Co-Op
    members build their list at the same time.
    The system handles list building for you and all you need is a site/blog that is Internet
    Marketing related