• http://profiles.google.com/trappermark Mark Traphagen

    What does “reach” mean for the apps if not use or engagement? Downloads?

  • MelissaDArmstrong

    On the operating system front, Apple lost some share in the last quarter while both Android and Microsoft gained share. In October 2013 Android had 52.2 percent of the market so this is not a new high. We seem to have reached a kind of equilibrium where a couple of points are traded back and forth between Android and iOS each quarter. http://www.myname.is/48342

  • gregsterling

    Reach is raw audience percent (maybe that have it on their phones). Engagement I would argue is more like active usage. Sort of like those with a Twitter acct and then those who use Twitter regularly.

  • http://www.trakgo.com/ Trak Go

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