• http://www.yamanoor.com/ Yamanoor Srihari

    I network heavily, and almost no one in my network uses G+. I am unable to understand where this growth comes from. Having a bit of dontbelieveititis here…

  • http://frasercain.com Fraser Cain

    I’m surprised you’re not involved in the photography community over on G+, it’s one of the most active photography groups on the internet now, with shared circles containing thousands of people.

    Here, this shared circle from Thomas Hawk will keep you busy, and give you a sense of the true nature of the network:

  • MohamedAnan

    Google is pushing Google+ in their new “Author search” functionality.
    Anyone who wants to display his name and picture next to the search results should first have a Gmail then register with Google+. Then claim his authorship in Google Webmaster tools.
    Very smart indeed. And they are doing a great job in the design and features. Their video chats are awesome too.

    I think Google+ is slowly taking over. And it’s a part of a very solid business model.

  • Matt McGee

    As I said in the article, it’s TRAFFIC growth, it’s not usage growth. It’s a good sign for G+, but don’t confuse the two. Google has been very smart in pushing content into Google+, which would lead to an increase in visitors and pageviews. (i.e., all Google local business listings are now on Google+)

  • http://www.yamanoor.com/ Yamanoor Srihari

    Looks very interesting. I should take advantage of this! 

  • http://www.yamanoor.com/ Yamanoor Srihari

    Hello Matt,

    Thanks. Obviously, I did not pay attention and understand correctly. However, while Mohamed below thinks its clever, I feel Google is simply tacking G+ on to all of its services, which may not really be true social networking or how members want to interact with each other. Will be interesting to see how this plays out in terms of usage. 

  • http://twitter.com/MrMazharShah Mazhar Shah

     I agreed with you guys up to some extent.. But in my point of view last 2 or three month Google + traffic has been increased only because of Google plus Hung Out…:)

  • J.C. Kendall

    Because comScore is physically unable to measure private traffic inside Google+, any numbers they come up with are pure speculation, and should not be considered factual by any means. The majority of traffic and usage on Google+ is PRIVATE, and comScore does not have access to it.