• findingenvirons

    A lot of this is new to me. Thanks for the examples, although I didn’t watch the micro.

    Lululemon gear isn’t on my grocery list! :-) How do you think a brand chooses between long-form videos and micro-content or interactive apps? I wonder if that is such an enormously broad subject that it’s difficult to address here.

    I know B2B is a challenge. Content Marketing turns up in retweeted links again and again.

    The presence of what you are say socially-optimized micro-graphics in B2B piques my interest. Personally, I’ve found myself looking past the details of Content Marketing because I don’t understand it well enough. Once more, thanks for the examples, and good luck with your dashboards! All the best

  • http://intouch-marketing.com Bill Walls

    Nice article Tai. I couldn’t agree more that the creation of more visually appealing content is becoming more crucial. The ability to stand out from all the noise online is more and more difficult.

    Small business owners have difficulty knowing what content marketing is, our article What the @#$% is Content Marketing, http://intouch-marketing.com/what-is-content-marketing/ may help some business owners understand the basic concepts, let alone buying into the idea of creating marvelous visual content.
    They see the big brand companies investing in this type of collateral and assume it’s out of their reach and budget!

    The main issue, as you point out, is the challenge of measuring performance. Its all fine and well to create great content but Facebook Likes and Tweets only add some much. Do the campaigns lead to the company’s business objectives? Without a plan of action, especially for handling the effects of campaigns, all the hard work of creating visually engaging content will be a waste of time and money.

    Good article!

  • http://www.prosemedia.com/ Justin Belmont

    Excellent job here. While we at http://www.ProseMedia.com do enjoy reading long-form content, you can’t deny that micro-content is on the rise in popularity with marketing. It’s interesting to see how companies like Lululemon and Taco Bell are using more unusual platforms within social media marketing with great results, especially given that they are marketing their products in a very short window of time.