• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Most of what people are passing off as “content marketing” isn’t really content marketing. It’s just mechanical publishing for the sake of putting stuff on Websites. In the future we’ll probably have to talk about Classic Content Marketing versus Web Content Marketing or some such distinguishing name just so people know what everyone is really talking about.

  • Chris Elwell

    SEO and social media marketing are tactics for amplifying the benefits derived from creating content. For most content marketing practitioners, they are integral components… not separate diciplines.

  • Lee Stuart

    It’s just a new moniker for something we have always been doing (publishing) because somebody ‘influential’ told us the old name was no longer de rigueur. Its been adopted into the Zeitgiest, we have to live with it, we need to learn to measure it better (our biggest challenge) and help the world stay free from the amount pointless guff we create in it’s name.

  • http://www.prosemedia.com/ Justin Belmont

    As a content marketer, I get very frustrated with these negative arguments. I’m glad that you acknowledge them and then say why they’re wrong. In the end, it’s really based on a misunderstanding of the objective of content marketing. It’s not merely SEO, storytelling, or social media; content marketing combines these aspects into one marketing plan. Great post!

  • Salma Jafri

    Great post Rebecca! I honestly can’t understand why/how anyone would hate content marketing. Its one of the purest, most authentic form of marketing there is. What could be more natural than a brand having a conversation WITH their audience rather than AT them?