• http://twitter.com/AndrewJStein Andrew Stein

    I like this and the need for thinking about it. The emphasis on content marketing in the future is critical. For high tech (and many other) companies, I would expect that content marketing efforts (production of content) needs to be distributed into the product/project teams – perhaps in a matrix. Perhaps the publishing aspect is optimally coordinated centrally, again to leverage budget and minimized cost. Getting the consistent content message in tune with the corporate agenda, vision and mission will be critical. The natural development of a pervasive marketing-as-strategy approach will engage much more of the organization. Hopefully, organizational wisdom has evolved beyond putting it in a silo where like so many things, they can whither, die, and be incorrectly blamed for the failure of the initiative altogether. Let’s get it right!

  • http://twitter.com/plivings Pamela Livingston

    The idea of generating, not parroting content makes lots of sense. The individuals you mention, Bryan Rhoads and Stephanie Losee, already come with highly respectable technology cred, so I can see why they’d be innovators. Many of us will be watching how content departments begin and grow. Thanks for a smart article.