• Dave

    Great post yet again Eric. The Distilled campaign is pretty much any content marketers dream. Tying it to the commercial conversion response presents another challenge as you highlighted. I really like micro-niche targeting when it comes to content marketing. Although the reach is minimised, the conversion opportunity tends to increase (generally speaking). For example, I wrote this just for medical practitioners who seek to do SEO. (http://businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com/10-tips-for-medical-clinics-to-build-their-brand-awareness-and-get-seo-benefits-at-the-same-time/). It will never get 100K shares, but it serves the content interest to the niche audience. I definitely think combining the two approaches for brand exposure and awareness, and developing a credibility building exercise can serve web businesses well.

  • http://shellshockuk.com/ shelli walsh

    Hi Eric

    Insightful article. I especially resonate with the comments about creativity and that it takes practice. I recently wrote an ebook about creativity and how it now relates to online marketing. Research shows that IQ has no relevance on creativity. The secret to creativity is in fact learning to think the right way – a skill – and lots of hard work. as John Cleese said, “creativity is not talent its a way of operating.

    Rand contributed a chapter to my book (what is creativity?) and offered his thoughts on what creativity is – you can download a copy for free here – http://www.creativity101.com/what-is-creativity-the-book/

  • http://marketingagenturhamburg.de/ MAH! Marketing Agentur Hamburg

    Very insightful post indeed Eric. Reminding traditional perfomance marketers and SEOers about the long-term fruits of content marketing is vital. Either they think it´s the next IM hype they can fast-jump on or they take it as a short-live trends to soon be replaced. Rightly said, this opens the door of opportunities for the brave and customer-centered digital marketers, although I must admit potential clients need to be eductated more and better on the advantages of inboundmarketing. What do you think about native advertising which seems to be sold as best of both worlds, esp. to traditional marketing departments?