• Pat Grady

    $35M stolen is incongruous with “could get lighter terms because this is a first offense”.

  • Matt McGee

    $35 million is the total that the two say they made from being an eBay affiliate. It’s apparently not what they made from the cookie-stuffing.

  • Pat Grady

    Are you saying some legit sales were mixed in there, meaning the illegit is less than $35M (they’ve said how much was illegit, so I think you mean something else)?
    Or are you saying that the $35M is just the eBay damage, that surely they did this others, making the $35M just a fraction of their damage done?

  • Pat Grady

    Hypothetical question… with this going down, and GAN pulling the plug with zero notice, anyone think there’s a chance GAN did some similar testing, saw their network was full of Hoganesque timed toolbar touches (and worse), then decided, as the folks making more and more attribution tools that we all use, that what formerly looked attractive, suddenly was an ugly duckling?

  • DPSucks

    Yep, wire fraud is a bitch! ;) See Shawn’s jail photo here: http://dpsucks.com/why-shawn-hogan-is-going-to-jail.html