• Pat Grady

    Mobile growth pulled down aggregate CPC rev for last earnings call, G’s up 1/22, this Tuesday… will booming volume of something (mobile clicks) that happens to be cheaper, tank the stock again, or will analysts understand basic math… it’s 50/50. You’d think they’d learn over time, maybe 60/40… but nope. They’re coin flippers.

  • http://twitter.com/Ian_Bowland Ian_Bowland

    Halt in decline of cpc due to several factors. Christmas pushes cpc on desktop + tablet much higher in December. Overall decline in cpc due to ongoing growth of weaker overseas markets (with lower cpc), ad formats (product listing ads, ad extensions). Halt in growth of mobile is no surprise – if campaigns are fully broken out then roi on smartphones is nowhere near tablet or pc. So smarter advertisers (who have analytics set up properly and are governed by immediate roi – not backend sales) will move proportions away from smartphones until (as Kohki says) “mobile advertising technology significantly improves conversion rates on smartphones”