• http://hjortsmykker.dk Nikolaj Mogensen

    Exciting post… Often these are issues and challenges not many content marketers think about so great idea to put some focus on these challenges.

    I actually don’t agree this is the strategic level though. It’s more like the tactical level. The strategic level would be more about why we do things, how it’s organized, and how processes are structured. These are more practical (time, schedule etc.)

  • Arnie Kuenn

    Hi Nikolaj, thanks for your feedback. I have to admit it did drift a little in more tactical items, but I wanted to give an overview of what needed to be considered in laying out your strategy and eventually your specific content plan.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “Perhaps an old blog post can be updated to be timely and relevant again, or a video can be edited to include new information.”

    I am all about content recycling (not to be confused with article spinning). There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time you need new content. A white paper can be sliced and diced into a dozen blog posts; a webinar can be trimmed into individual videos. You already have so much content at your finger tips, why not take advantage of it!

  • Brrrent

    Good point… do you have any links to articles that give a good higher level view of content strategy?

  • http://www.promarketingtips.in/ Stanley Rao

    Content has started playing a very important role in every business activity that you do it today