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    Overture! I feel like I’ve been doing this a long time when I hear someone mention that…oh wait I have.

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    Hey Sugarrae,
    Alot of folks forget about linkbuilding in terms of SEO.
    If you create your website and host it there it will be just there…hosted and being burden. :-)
    Off page SEO just as important as onpage SEO.
    And one of the big key factors of the offpage SEO is a number inbound links.
    It is often overlooked. Many webmasters frown upon idea of manually building hundreds of links.
    I outsource the process and I can not imagine even talking about SEO without talking about backlinks.Anyways, there are tons of websites where one can score backlinks cheap. Odesk,Freelancer…Fiverr comes to mind. I am using one guy on fiverr for 5 bucks I get 300+ backlinks spread all over the web. It’s dirt cheap and safe in terms of Big G,
    Not sure if you want it but here’s the url so you can see for yourself.

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    i am not that affraid of the google panda or the google dance

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    Manual backlinking gives you better results as there are more relevant keywords.  @facebook-100002667282083:disqus thx for recommending  craigpress. just signed up..;) 

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    Well from what i can see that only big organizations control the google,but i discover a new little technique that can get my websites position without having a web page, new business small running a blog known as craigpress many functions that help me position on look for results without the problems of getting my internet marketer marketer hyperlinks suspended and the best aspect you can up-dates all my hyperlinks on a frequent facets.


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    I’ve just started the backlinking process for my site http://www.businesswhilesleeping.com and it’s a slow process. Lot of good tips here but I have a question. I’ve been adding backlinks for several days and haven’t seen any show up on the search engines. I try and add value and not just spam my links but I’m beginning to suspect there is a delay before the links register, which, in hindsight, would make sense.
    Have just signed up for CraigPress but am wary of using people who say they can give me hundreds of backlinks. Maybe I’m being cynical but that sounds like a spam service to me also.
    Any comments on this would be welcome.

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