• netmeg

    I have done that, multiple times, and it DOESN’T WORK.

  • Jeff Pelton

    If only there was a single “no email” button instead of having to wade through many many emails types they want to send, all require the “no email” option. (correct me if I’m wrong)

    Regardless of this “simple” process, many users feel misled, wronged or that the preferences simple “don’t work” like netmeg commented above. LinkedIn lives off spam.

  • Matt McGee

    Really? Works great for me. No LI emails. Probably explains why my little red counter up there says “164.”

  • Matt McGee

    Yeah, agree that they have way too many things to turn off…

  • http://federicoeinhorn.com/ Fede Einhorn

    Worked for me too. It’s been over an year without a single linkedin email, you sure you turned off all the notifications individually? I still get the messages in linkedin, but as @jeffpelton:disqus said, “linkedin lives off spam.”

  • gregory smith

    STOP IT FOR GODS SAKE! lol This is a complete “turn off”..

  • http://www.igobydoc.com igobydoc

    Haha @mattmcgee:disqus,

    That’s funny. I may go and turn off some of the emails. LinkedIn is not as bad as Facebook though.

    Oh, and speaking of messages. Looks like your LinkedIn inbox is pretty full. =)


  • Steve Fischer

    Your instructions on unsubscribing are helpful to those that are linkedin members but I don’t think the host is a linkedin member. I had this same problem. Someone would join Linkedin and use the “find your friends” feature so I would get an email saying “joe blow has invited you to be join linkedin” and then if you don’t join you get a reminder email every 48 hours. It is beyond annoying. So over 6 months if you have 20 people send you linkedin requests you get a reminder from them every 48 hours. I was getting 20 reminders a day. I begged and pleaded with my ISP to block linkedin’s mail servers, but finally got linkedin to agree to permanently ban my email address in their system. They really are one of the most irritating spam senders in the world.

  • Daniel

    I agree. I STILL get emails. I logged into the site manually and removed all settings that imply sending any form of email. I have also “unsubscribed” more than once.