CRM Solution Conversocial’s $4.4 Million In Funding To Go Toward Product Development

customer-service-bell Selected by Gartner as one of the five "Cool Vendors" in the CRM customer service vertical for 2013, Conversocial has landed a $3.2 million investment from Octopus Investments, along with $1.2 million from a previous convertible note for a total of $4.4 million in funding. With the upgrade of their Real Time Management Dashboard and Conversations Workflow platforms, Conversocial makes it possible for companies to manage customer service initiatives via their social media channels in real-time. "The new investment allows us to innovate even faster to take social into the contact center, and [...]

Tablet Shipments To Overtake Laptops This Year — Report

Image Credit: Gizmodo Tech research firm IDC says in its latest forecast that tablet shipments will exceed what it calls "portable PCs" (laptops) this year. The firm reported negative 14 percent growth for the PC market overall in Q1 and says that negative growth trend will be reflected in the Q2 numbers as well. Tablets are expected to exceed all PC sales (desktops and laptops) by 2015. However I suspect it will happen more quickly, by next year. IDC also predicts that the bulk of sales will be at the lower-priced end of the market (read: Android). In addition, there will be more buying activity associated [...]

Product Placement: The TV Ads Consumers Can’t Skip Or Hop

Escape in promo In case you missed it, several major US television networks are suing Dish over its ad "hopping" technology that allows viewers to easily skip past ads. But there's one type of ad even Dish can't help them skip. Product placement. Let's revisit this type of unstoppable, poorly disclosed ad product using a recent episode from Fox's "New Girl" TV show. A year ago, Fox -- along with CBS and NBC -- filed a lawsuit against Dish over a feature that allows you to jump past commercials. I know. Can't you just skip past ads with any decent DVR? Sure, but this supposedly does it even easier for you. [...]

Facebook’s Mesmerizing 3D Music Map: Can Artists, Brands & Developers Use The Data?

facebook-like-music-200px [caption id="attachment_45755" align="alignright" width="200"] Facebook Music Likes[/caption] Photos may be the king of social sharing, but music must be part of the royal court, at least. And it appears to be an increasingly important part of consumers' social lives. Google has launched a number of music-related services over the years (with varying degrees of success), and Twitter recently launched a music service that should open new doors for artists to be discovered. Facebook's billions of users also do a lot of music sharing. The company says there have been more than 40 billion [...]

The Keys To Quality Content Are Information Density & Utility

shutterstock_104124818-densecity [caption id="attachment_45600" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] We can safely say that Content Marketing is here to stay. According to the latest research from the Custom Content Council, more marketers are moving their budgets to the creation, management and distribution of content than ever before. This year, spending on custom content was up to $44B, saw 9.2% YOY growth, and now commands over 39% of marketing budgets. There is growing concern being voiced by critics of content marketing that with everyone on the content bandwagon, the demands for cre [...]

Beyond AdWords: Demand Side Platforms Explained

Real Time Bidding (RTB) Ecosystem Having worked at a self-serve demand side platform (DSP) for over 2 years, one of the most common questions I get when trying to explain the concept of a DSP to others is: "Isn't that kind of like AdWords?" Even amongst experienced marketers, most only have a vague idea of how DSPs work and how they ultimately differ from a platform like Google AdWords. Most DSPs are similar to AdWords in that they are used to create ad campaigns. But, DSPs provide advertisers access into the vendor-neutral RTB ecosystem; whereas AdWords only allows campaigns to run within the Google network. The difference [...]

New Tools Bring Major Changes To Mobile SEO

adwords device filter rip I know I said I would have mobile SEO case studies this month, but I’m postponing that a  month so I can discuss two tools that will soon turn the mobile SEO world on its head: Google Keyword Planner and Bright Edge Mobile SEO. Google Keyword Planner I’ve spent a lot of time in this column talking about how mobility changes search behavior and how marketers can do mobile keyword research to take advantage of the differences (when they exist, and they don’t always) between keywords entered on mobile devices and those entered on desktops and laptops. Since early 2009, the Google Keywor [...]

EU-Google “Rival Links” Antitrust Settlement Provision Creates New Controversy

Google Europe legal The US Federal Trade Commission declined to address the alleged "search bias" (vertical search) claim against Google in its settlement with the company earlier this year. It's a highly problematic issue from a legal standpoint but it's the one Google's critics and rivals care most about. In short they would like to blunt or stop Google's ability to place its own content (e.g., Maps, Travel, Shopping) at or near the top of search results (Universal Search). Google's display of structured content at the top of search results is diverting or siphoning off "their" traffic, they argue. Europe [...]

The Internship: A Fun Movie, But Also A Beautiful Google Commercial

internship-movie-featured The Internship is great, a  funny film by director Shawn Levy (screenplay by Vince Vaughn and Jared Stern) well-worth seeing by anyone who likes underdog stories. But one thing that wasn't an underdog was Google itself. It won throughout the movie. I got to view the film during a press screening on Thursday. It's easy to imagine that many will come away from the movie thinking that Google is the greatest place to work, produces fantastic products and is focused on making the world better. And if you didn't get that last point, without giving too much away, it'll be stated, at the end. F [...]

Microsoft, Google To Build New Windows Phone YouTube App Together

microsoft-google-logos Microsoft and Google appear to have buried the hatchet over the YouTube app that's been available for Windows Phones, and say they're "working together" to get a new app out "in the coming weeks." The two companies issued a statement today, two days after the deadline that Google had given Microsoft to remove the previous app from the Windows Phone Store. Earlier this month, Google sent Microsoft a cease-and-desist letter because Microsoft's version of the YouTube app wasn't showing Google's ads. Google's letter asked Microsoft to remove the app by May 22nd, but today's statement says th [...]

Advertise To Facebook Users By Recency With Time Range Targeting

facebook A new Facebook Ad targeting feature now allows advertisers to target those who have recently interacted with Facebook. The targeting type "Action Spec" allows users to target by the recency of specific actions taken. This recency targeting is currently in beta mode. The new "Action Spec" targeting allows users to target by the recency of specific actions taken. This will allow local advertisers to target those users who recently checked into their shop over the weekend, or an artist to target someone who recently listed to music on Facebook this week. This would be an ideal metric for thos [...]

Missing Facebook Page Insights? Users Reporting Only Seeing Data Up To May 15

facebook-unlike-featured Facebook Page owners are reporting that they cannot view Insights data beyond May 15. When the first reports started appearing in a Facebook Community Forum thread, many users commented that their data was only viewable up to May 13. Since the initial complaints posted this past Tuesday, some users are now seeing Insights data up to May 15. The Next Web received confirmation from Facebook that they are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue. A Facebook spokesperson told TNW, "Page Insights data from May 13 onward is currently delayed in Page Insights. This is a known issu [...]

Marketing Day: May 24, 2013

Here's our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the Web. From Marketing Land: Founder Of First Bid-Based PPC Search Engine Launches New Mobile Ad Solution Mobile application and ad solutions developer UberMedia has launched UberAds, a mobile ad platform that cross references public social media signals with geo-location data to deliver targeted advertisements across multiple screens. Started in 2010, UberMedia is an Idealab company, founded by Bill Gross. Gross, CEO of both Idealab and UberMedia, is credited with la [...]

Bill Gross, Founder Of Pioneering PPC Search Engine GoTo, Launches UberAds Mobile Ad Solution

smartphones Mobile application and ad solutions developer UberMedia has launched UberAds, a mobile ad platform that cross references public social media signals with geo-location data to deliver targeted advertisements across multiple screens. Started in 2010, UberMedia is an Idealab company, founded by Bill Gross. Gross, CEO of both Idealab and UberMedia, is credited with launching, the first bid-based, pay-per-click search engine. was renamed Overture Services, and eventually acquired by Yahoo in 2003 for $1.6 billion. "In 1998, I saw a problem with Internet advertising effective [...]

Instagram Restores Blocked Accounts After “Temporary Glitch”

instagram-logo-200px Instagram users of the world can relax again. The small number of people who couldn't get into their accounts yesterday should have access again; and no, Instagram isn't planning a mass delete of inactive accounts. #DontDeleteMyAccount Panic On Instagram Over Account Deletion Rumor, our story yesterday, covers how some on Instagram began panicking yesterday over rumors that Instagram was going to delete accounts that weren't constantly active, or which weren't taking pictures directly through Instagram or ... you name it. In part, these seem fueled by the fact that some people did have a [...]

Local Search On Google Glass: Part 4 Of The Google Glass Diary Series

If (When?) Google Glass becomes popular, local businesses could stand to gain a lot of visibility -- and perhaps new customers -- from wearers looking for information about what's around them or what's in the place where they're going. Local search and navigation should be a pretty common usage of Glass, and it's certainly one of the main uses that Google has had in mind all along. Glass is mobile search, but in a new form: voice-controlled with results coming back to the user in the form of single-business "cards" with business name, address, phone and sometimes the hours that the busin [...]

iAd Becomes First Mobile Ad Network To Earn Media Ratings Council Accreditation

iAd logo The Media Ratings Council gave iAd, Apple's mobile ad platform for iPhone and iPad, full accreditation earlier this month. The accreditation marks a first for a major mobile ad platform. The display ad industry has been beset by pressure from media buyers and advertisers to serve ads that are actually viewable by users. Some 31percent of display ads are never seen by users according to a comScore study. Mobile advertisers face the added issue of paying for ads that don't display properly on any given mobile device. As John McDermott reports in AdAge, the iAd accreditation may help [...]

Defining Success On Pinterest

pinterest-logo Social media has, since its introduction, created a conundrum for marketers: how do we measure success? It’s all well and good to gain followers and likes, but what does that really mean in terms of bottom-line impact? Pinterest, the latest addition to the social set, introduces a whole new set of opportunities, as well as a whole new set of questions. Don't Think Of It As A Social Platform The best way to look at Pinterest is not as a social platform. Don’t think about developing a “Pinterest Strategy.”  Consider Pinterest a media channel for content marketing. The social aspect [...]

New: Google AdSense Ad Code For Responsive Design, A/B Testing & More

With the latest update to the "Modifying Ad Code," Google now allows publishers to make some changes to their AdSense ad code. Google has provided code snippets to help publishers implement the following techniques with their ads: Responsive design: Create a single webpage that will adapt to the device on which it’s being viewed -  however, the code snippet will not accommodate screen orientation changes A/B testing: Run a test by creating multiple versions of a page, and compare user behavior to see which page is the most effective Setting custom channels dynamically: Track p [...]

#DontDeleteMyAccount Panic On Instagram Over Account Deletion Rumor

dont delete It's unclear how it happened, but apparently, some on Instagram are living in fear the service is about to delete their accounts, if they aren't posting or are using Instagram directly to take pictures. That's not the case, though some people may have had accounts deleted for other reasons, like a term of service violation. NOTE: See our follow-up story, Instagram Restores Blocked Accounts After “Temporary Glitch” The Rumor The wild rumors of accounts being deleted unless certain activities are followed seem entirely untrue. Instagram has made no such announcement. But, the rumors can [...]

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