• http://twitter.com/ecwilson Eric Wilson

    Haha, are you kidding? This is phenomenal for a 6-week effort. Better to start on solid ground and layer in features than try to do too much too fast. Also, there are a ton of silo’ed communities out there now. Digg missed the opportunity to have that be its thing, and would have an impossibly hard time competing on that level with Reddit. It’s really interesting to me that they might bring in the most prominent commentary from other social sources. I think if they are smart, they’ll eventually add a commenting feature that uses your Facebook/Twitter identity — which will cut down massively on spam. If you want anonymous commenting, go to Reddit.

  • http://twitter.com/gregfinn Greg Finn

    Eric, sure — it works for a 6 week effort, but it isn’t social news. Digg is now just aggregating from Twitter/Facebook. They came out saying that they were going to resurrect Digg this isn’t a community, its a curated mix between their existing services like rt.ly and news.me. You have to submit via Twitter, really?  Sorry Eric, this is just bad.

  • John Wuethrich

    Eric did you even use digg before v4? did you even use v4? 

    v4 allowed sign in with your fb account…the huge and at the time growing, community that made digg’s stakeholders think they could generate cash lead to its downfall from what you call “the level of reddit”. 

    sure new people came from fb but the exclusive dedicated and large community fell apart/jumped ship due to removal of features key to self moderation of our community (down digg).the social norms of the new comers combined with removed features and advertising you coulnt even comment on alienated the remaining old diggers on a day to day basis. the final straw that broke the community was that the fb login also brought more spam then we had ever seen with v3 of old digg.i agree with the author…unless the exclusive community features are nearing completion but un announced…. the site is already dead and doesnt know it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/brentcsutoras Brent Csutoras

    Greg really hit the nail on the head. Digg is dead, and this is just someone who stole its name for popularity sake. 

  • http://www.pixelrage.net Pixelrage

    A new acquisition resulting in a brand being run into the ground? No surprise there. It’s almost like Zynga was involved.

  • http://www.mercadeoporinternet.com rafaelmontilla

    That is very Sad, how they kill it! #digg

  • http://twitter.com/SunWalkMedia SunWalk Media

    new Digg copied the Pinterest style I see.  Betaworks got it CHEAP too (500k?)!  Wonder if that included all the emails & info of past subscribers?  Could make for a huge email marketing run.

    Even if they put Adsense in-your-face on there the site will be very profitable (PR8, Alexa 194).  During all that refreshing you would think they could make the site responsive for iPad’s and smartphones.  Guess that’s why they have an “app”.

    It’s a lot more easier to navigate now and loads faster.  So far I like it better than the old version.  Things change, see how it goes.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    You waited until the very end of the article to tell your readers that DIGG says the current version is temporary.  That’s about as yellow journalistic as one can get.

  • http://twitter.com/gregfinn Greg Finn

    Michael, thanks for the comment, sorry you see it that way. I was trying to make the point of the article be more about the fact that they ditched the 3 million or so users, removed all true social aspects of the site (like having an account). I did go back and link to the Digg blog post in the first paragraph.

  • http://newbizshop.com/ Derek Price

    Useless, I don’t even think it’s worth it to submit my content to Digg as it just stink’s. You’d think with a new owner they’d invest money into it to add onto Digg’s exsisting features or make tweak’s. They redid the whole site and i’m not impressed. I could of hired a average programmer to create that site. (Maybe not but you get what i’m saying)

    They better have a suggestion box for us Digg members to post our 2 cents so they can make some tweak’s. Right now $500,000 wasted for the new owners. lol