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    Danny I don’t think there’s anything social in this world that’s not commericial promoting. FB has merely become one big advertisement

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    I also find this form of social begging distasteful, but there is an analog in the real world. Many companies give matching donations up to a certain amount, but only if the donation is matched. I suppose it encourages more people to donate, but I wonder if charities would benefit more if the company just donated a set amount.

  • http://referralcandy.com/ Samuel @ ReferralCandy

    Danny , I agree with your sentiments. I think it’s understandable that companies have to weigh between making contributions versus getting, say, social media shares. (Though then I’m unsure if the charity contributions are a primary goal, or just an excuse to start a social media sharing campaign?)

    Anyway, I do think they should try (as much as they can) to make the charity contributions a bigger priority than the social media sharing. The tweet sent by MetLife sort of undermines their good intentions for donating, since as you mentioned, they could’ve easily just donated and then tweet, “We’ve donated $75,000 to @HiringOurHeroes” to help US veterans. Learn more about the group here — and please retweet!”

    I think it’s very important to weigh our priorities before doing anything, and also understand how others might perceive the intentions behind those actions.

  • http://referralcandy.com/ Samuel @ ReferralCandy

    True, I guess their intentions might be to encourage their audience to “work for it”, which involves some form of participation, rather than the company simply donating that set amount.

    I think parallels can be drawn between social media contests and simple giveaways.

  • http://www.creativecatapps.co.uk/ Emma Kalson

    I think that social media is still in its infancy for business use, and big brands are busy either jumping on the bandwagon, or thinking too short-sightedly. Over time, I’m sure we’ll see campaigns such as these slowly disappear as digital media strategies evolve and businesses realise that social media is all about communicating with the consumer on the consumer’s terms and not theirs.

  • Pat Grady

    Company A gives nothing, Company B gives quietly, Company C gives loudly.
    All else equal, which one do consumers generally like better?
    A = B < C.

  • West Seattle Blog

    I’ve been ranting about this for a long time. Frankly, it’s appalling. The WORST are the companies that put schools and nonprofits into “contests” to see who can get the most “votes,” as in visits to the donor’s website. The schools/nonprofits could be spending their precious time doing something else but instead fall for this disgusting “do our marketing for us and maybe we’ll throw you a few crumbs” tactic. Luckily I’ve seen less of it lately, since we have told locals “we will support your direct fundraising or whatever but we will NOT promote ‘contests’ nor anything that requires people to opt into marketing such as signing up for mailing lists, ‘liking’ Facebook pages etc.”