• James Norquay

    Interesting, but I think we will still see specialization in the future in areas such as Data for example. But I do agree people are expected to be experts in all areas in today’s market.

  • clickworkmedia

    20-25 year old marketing students? Uh-huh. While they clearly have a lot of theoretical knowledge, they clearly have absolutely no commercial awareness i.e. how revenue is generated from the provision of services. To have an employee with a specialised skillset encompassing all of the above is stupid – it’s like hiring a web developer an expecting him or her to be equally competent in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, logo design, front-end design etc.

    It’s naivety – wait till they sit in on an actual meeting, a real life one, where objectives have to be met and money is on the line. Then they can give us their opinion.

  • RyanMJones

    I can’t wait until digital is more than just another silo. We’ve still got a long way to go though.

  • http://xcitedigital.com/ Nahida Meah

    clickworkmedia It’s a shame that this survey is undermining the efforts of many digital marketing agencies globally. I don’t see any concrete evidence showing that stand-alone agencies will disappear in a decade.

    Marketer’s aren’t just there to entertain customers, they are often the middle man between a company and it’s customers. In the past couple of years, I’ve seen companies outsource their social media marketing from digital marketing companies like the one I work at. This form of marketing also works as a form of customer service – not all businesses have enough time to converse with their followers/fans.

  • http://xcitedigital.com/ Nahida Meah

    Relating to this, please could you check out an article we wrote a couple of months ago about the importance of communication in marketing – whether it be through social media or content marketing!… http://xcitedigital.com/blog/communication-is-key/

  • Alex Brown

    They’re right. The integration of big data within digital spend means digital/social agencies will be absorbed or perish.

  • http://www.SMDigitalPartners.com/ SMDigital Partners

    Here at SMDigital Partners, we are a Full Service Digital Agency with over 100 employees in 6 international cities. Our teams are broken down in to “compartments” all helping each other out – teams of graphic designers, SEM, SEO, Local SEO, Social Media, Programmers / Coders all work together to get the job done.

    What is interesting is to see how Facebook continues to remain relevant – We are big Facebook users down here in South Florida and the goal is to always to build up your network with the right “fans” –

    Thanks for this great report !!