• Mariam Krikorian

    Very good article, Ratko. I think the distinction you make between subjective and objective notions of value is key to understanding the online advertising space. I hope others continue to build on understanding the market with this distinction in mind. Anyway, clearly put and well done!

  • Ratko Vidakovic

    Thanks Mariam!

  • Inas Al-Kilani

    Thanks! It was a clear, easy to read article. It actually helped me, because I am looking, into all sorts of RTB & DSP platforms and this article left me with some question that such a platform must answer in order to move on and consider a collaboration with them. The first one I really liked was “Beyond Adwords: demand side platforms explained”. It pointed me in the right direction.
    So, keep up the great job and looking forward for your the next articles on the matter