• Brian Clark

    The old Digg would have sent 5 to 10x that amount, but still … given how far the site fell, that’s gotta be encouraging.

  • Matt McGee

    For sure, Brian — it may never hit the levels of 2006-2009 (or whatever the time frame was), but still amazing to me to see it be the top referral source when so many other big sites were also sending traffic.

  • http://www.treasurepen.com/ TreasurePen

    Betaworks have backed some big winners in the past (including Tweetdeck, Tumblr, bitly, etc) and it’s hard to see how they could go wrong by spending on $500k for the Digg brand name. If the evidence you have presented here is anything to go by, they are back with a bang. Even articles like this will have people scurrying over to it! Michael.

  • Ria Parish

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say “Digg is back”. In my opinion, with the growing popularity of Reddit, Digg is going to have a hard time competing with the value that first page of Reddit can bring to your site. Good for them though for getting back up on their feet at least.