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    It’s definitely a usability issue, as you articulated. While mobile browsers now have more built in sharing options, it’s not second nature yet, the way share buttons apparently are on desktop. Also, while evidence is strictly anecdotal, I think a lot of people like to copy and paste a URL to share it within the site (or app), rather than just using a share button on an article or in a mobile browser… and a lot of people simply don’t do a lot of copy+paste on their phones, or even tablets for that matter. Us “web people” certainly do, but think about the average mobile user… How often do you think they copy and paste? Do they even know how to tap, tap and press then “select all”, etc.?

    Anyway, great piece… Interesting data that I’m sure will surprise many, but clearly there are logical explanations, even in an age when all we hear is “Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!”

  • John Doherty

    Interesting data here, but I can’t help but wonder how the rate of sharing is affected by products that are still desktop-focused and not well optimized for mobile devices.